Indigenous child is brutally killed in a bus station

31 DEZ 2015
31 de Dezembro de 2015
The Indigenous Missionary Council (Conselho Indigenista Missionário), South Region, published this very Wednesday (30) a manifest letter about the murder of a two years old Kaingang child, in the Imbituba bus station in Santa Catarina, Brazil.

Two years old Vitor Pinto was attacked by a man who approached his mother Sônia da Silva, while she breastfeeded him. This man got a pocket knife and beheaded him. The father, Arcelino Pinto, along with the mother, desperately tried to help their child and the murderer fled the place. These indigenous persons are from Aldeia Kondá, located in Chapecó city, West of Santa Catarina.

The Militar Police of this region arrested a suspect, the crime can be related with actions of neonazis groups that practice hate crimes against vary ethnic and social groups.

Yandê Editorial Office  - Translation for by Jefferson Costa

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