Krahô People decide not to take part in the World Indigenous Games and criticize event planners

13 SET 2015
13 de Setembro de 2015
The Krahô confirmed this Thursday (10) they are not taking part in the World Indigenous Games. In a caciques gathering in Serra Grande Village they pointed out many reasons not to participate in this world event, among them is the fact of it being promoted by Agriculture, Livestock and Supply minister's Kátia Abreu, while indigenous peoples face a hard time in the country, besides there's disrespect and planners are making use of ethnicities to promote themselves.


Serra Grande Village, September 10th 2015.

To Mr. Carlos Terena
Planner of the World Indigenous Games 2015.

We, Krahô caciques, gathered in Serra Grande Village, come through this document reinforce our position of not taking part in World Indigenous Games 2015 to happen in October in Palmas, Tocantins. For we understand the event organization is not respecting our people, building infrastructure vulnerable to rain, not providing more detailed information about and to our people and, mainly, for the fact that event planners are using the name and image of our people to pose themselves as managers who support our people and the indigenous cause, which is not true. Besides our people have already suffered a lot in past National Indigenous Games editions, therefore we no longer want to suffer from that. We still have our Traditional Krahô Games that takes part annually in August, encouraging our youngsters to practice our traditional sports and some of those non-indigenous games like soccer. This event, by the way, that took place inside our land has been performed without any government agencies support which are financing these World Indigenous Games.
Apart from this local context how can we participate an event subsidized by a government that is promoting the genocide of our Guarani-Kaiowá relatives in Mato Grosso do Sul and in many others regions in our country? How are we supposed to take part in an event promoted by Katia Abreu, one of the main responsible for the advance of anti-indigenous movement in our country?
We know the anti-indigenous movement, rationally articulated in the National Congress is causing huge impact in judicial security of our lands and our peoples. Thus they are trying to pass laws that aim directly on our rights assured by the Federal Constitution. Therefore we can not allow our people and our traditions to be used as a showcase for this government to demonstrate society a partnership that does not exist in real life. We do not paint our bodies to be pretty for pictures, we paint them to represent our history, our achievements and traditions, hence whoever wants to take pictures of the Krahô shall come and participate in our Krahô Traditional Games, in this manner any citizen of the world can know our culture and customs better.

To finish we require the event planners take off all images and names of Krahô people of any means of communication used to promote the World Indigenous Games.
This is our final position, defined and signed by us, Krahô caciques.

Photo: Aldemar Ribeiro/ ATN

Redação Yandê
Translation by José Jefferson

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