A declaration of war? 

23 OUT 2017
23 de Outubro de 2017
Every available able-bodied Mi’kmaq man joined the Canadian armed forces during the world warsBY JOHN JOE SARKGUEST OPINIONI wish to comment on a recent article written by Jim Hornby entitled “The folly of hype and haste.” What it says under...
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This Reconciliation is for the Colonizer

24 SET 2017
24 de Setembro de 2017
Artwork by: Votan Henriquez june 13, 2017 by indigenousmotherhoodThis reconciliation is for the colonizer.This settler-colonial reconciliation branded by the government is artificially sweetened with handshake photo-ops and small pocket...
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With fewer fluent speakers, demand for teachers of Indigenous languages is on the rise 

15 SET 2017
15 de Setembro de 2017
A trend toward "Indigenizing" programming in schools by bringing Indigenous culture and languages into the classroom has led to a demand for teachers who are fluent in Indigenous languages. But with the number of Indigenous language speakers on th...
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