Dear indigenous relatives in the world

25 JUN 2015
25 de Junho de 2015
Dear indigenous relatives in the world,

The last years we have suffered the worsening of the abuses of indigenous rights in Brazil: in this land still struggle against the colonization process they call "progress" and "civilization".

Our territories are attacked systematically relying on the government's omission:
They delegitimize our right to our ancestral lands, sanctuaries where we were born and where our ancestors are buried, moving and leaving us on the roads.

Farmers promote shootings in our villages and camps, the main strategy assassinate our chiefs and spiritual leaders - shamans.

They use their power to manipulate the police and hire professional killers to make surprise attacks.
They poison our water with heavy metals and pesticides, use chemical and biological weapons to kill us slowly from disease and hunger.

This violence is not just from the large landowners but also by the government that in it's rush to build a unprecedented amount of hydroelectric usines in the Amazon, or expand agribusiness in our country, has omitted it's commitment to ensure our constitutional rights.

Currently in the National Congress they are trying to aprove a constitutional amendment that would deliver the power of demarcation of our lands to the owners of the Brazilian agribusiness allies of large multinationals.

One of the regions with the greatest violence is in the state of Mato Grosso do Sul, region of cattle ranchers and soybean farmers: since 2002 they murdered more than 300 leaders from the Guarani and Kaiowá nations, this Wednesday killed a child in a shootout and during this week there was not a single day without a person being murdered.

That is the reality of many people in Brazil as the Terena, Munduruku, Pataxó Hãhãhãe, Kaingang, Guarani, Awa Guajá and other indigenous in every corner of Brazil.
We are desperately seeking to report on all international spaces, we ask for your help and cooperation to draw attention to the world.
this violence must stop.


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